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Aaron is a Senior Consultant at Interlink Cloud Advisors. His specialties include Microsoft unified communications and core infrastructure solutions:

  • Lync Server Enterprise Voice with full PBX integration
  • AudioCodes/NET VoIP media gateways
  • OCS 2007
  • Exchange
  • Office 365
  • Active Directory
  • Windows Server
  • Teams
Aaron Seals

Microsoft Teams | Improve Productivity & Enhance Communication (with Infographic)


Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.

That’s what it comes down to in today’s hectic working environment with more mobile workers and remote teams. You need to get more done and you have less time in which to do it. Increasingly, you need the cooperation and input from fellow employees who could be located anywhere in the world. Getting together can be difficult in a tangled environment of disparate applications, platforms, and communication options.

Microsoft simplifies the chaos with Microsoft Teams, the collaboration solution that consolidates applications and communications in one place. Teams makes it easy to:

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Aaron Seals

New Skype Teams Application Promises to Pick Up the Slack!

New Skype Teams Application Promises to Pick Up the Slack!

Microsoft is reportedly going one-on-one with Slack...

and the outcome is looking promising for both dedicated Slack and Microsoft users.

With Slack recently announcing the addition of video and voice chat to its team messaging and content management platform, Microsoft appears to already have put in motion the development of a new messaging application, Skype Teams.

Microsoft plans to use the existing features of Skype for Business to provide additional value for large and small teams, newsrooms, and other organizations that need the ability to communicate efficiently and share files. Migrating Slack users will be able to harness the existing powerful features of Skype along with the new channel messaging functionality Skype Teams will offer.

According to MSPowerUser, Skype Teams will include all of the tools Slack users are familiar with, including:

  • Dedicated team channels
  • Private messaging groups
  • Cross channel and private channel file sharing

However, the real value added by Skype Teams is how Microsoft plans to build on top of the existing Skype platform. One of the coolest new potential features is the addition of Threaded Conversations. With the simple click of a “reply” button, Skype Teams users will be able to respond to a conversation. Slack currently does not offer this to its user base.

Users will also be able to start voice and video chats within shared and private channels.

In May, Microsoft released an overhauled, mobile-friendly version of its existing content and document management platform, SharePoint. Microsoft SharePoint offers individuals, teams, and organizations the same content management tools as Slack.

Though Microsoft has not officially announced Skype Teams as part of its Microsoft Office services suite, if rumors are true, the additions to the already widely used Skype will be welcomed by those seeking a more functional group communications platform.

Skype Teams is shaping up to be a messaging app that makes content management and organizational collaboration a more efficient process than competitors offer. And as always, expect seamless integration with other Microsoft Office apps.

Want to learn more?

We can help you figure out which collaboration tools you should use when! We may also have more information that we can share, but only if you have a Microsoft Non-disclosure Agreement in place. 

Contact Interlink to learn more about Skype Teams.  

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Aaron Seals

Affordable High Quality Video Conferencing

Affordable High Quality Video Conferencing

Polycom RealPresence Trio - package MSRP is $2300

Through experience we know that users want top quality audio first with simple operation. The Polycom RealPresence Trio combines the clarity of the Polycom conference room phone with a simpler operating screen where users can join with one click and no laptop required. 

The package includes a speakerphone, camera, and a Visual+ box for connecting to an external monitor over HDMI. With the implementation of a 5-inch color touch screen and intuitive navigation the Trio creates a simple system which means quick starts for every meeting and minimal training requirements.

Quality Video Conferencing skype copy

Polycom RealPresence Trio isn’t just simple for users, but it is also quick to deploy and easy to manage for administrators. With strong features such as Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and zero-touch deployment it easily connects as a phone and can integrate directly with your call control platform. With ease of use and deployment in mind the Trio brings native integration with Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync 2013, and support for all the major SIP platforms to ensure that deployment is simple and future-proof. With the future built in mind the underlying software platform allows for future application expansion making the Trio an investment that continues to become better over time.

Stand-out Features:

  • Clear and rich audio experience powered by new, patented technologies such as Enhanced HD voice and NoiseBlock
  • Visual collaboration capabilities with HD content sharing and the option for real-time video interaction
  • Wired or Wireless pairing with portable devices (BYOD)
  • “One touch join” meeting ability resulting in a speedy connection
  • Affordably priced for mass adoption across every meeting space
  • Ability to extend audio coverage with expansion mics

Interlink can help guide you through how the Polycom RealPresence Trio can fit into your workplace environment. 

Contact us for more information.

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Aaron Seals

New Exchange Online Protection Features

Microsoft has improved upon and added some new enhancements to the EOP service:

  • Directory-based edge blocking
  • Office 365 domain limit increased
  • View message traces up to 90 days
  • Remote PowerShell
  • OWA Junk mail reporting
  • Spam quarantine access for users
  • DomainKeys Identified Mail support
  • Enhanced IPv6 support
  • Match subdomains feature
  • Geocentric affinity 

Click here to access the full Microsoft blog article


Highlights from the article:

Spam quarantine access for users

In previous versions of EOP quarantine access was only available at the administrator level.  Now individual mail users will be able to access their own quarantine to manage spam via the EAC web interface.  Users must have a valid Office 365 user ID and password in order to access the spam quarantine page.  For current Exchange online subscribers, users should already be able to access their spam quarantine with their current user ID and password.  EOP only subscribers can utilize Directory Synchronization and password sync to automate access for their end users.

Directory-based edge blocking

DBEB allows organizations to reject messages for invalid recipients at the network perimeter.  DBEB will block all messages sent to an email address that isn’t present in the Azure Active Directory.

View message traces up to 90 days

Admins can now request message trace information for up to 90 days.  Message traces for the past seven days can be viewed immediately.

Remote PowerShell

EOP customers now have the ability to use remote PowerShell to manage Exchange Online Protection settings and use PowerShell scripting to automate a variety of management tasks.

OWA Junk mail reporting

Easily report junk mail back to Microsoft EOP team.  Users can report a false negative or positive back to Microsoft by right-clicking within the mail message and selecting ‘mark as junk’ or ‘mark as not junk’.  This will help improve the spam filtering capabilities of Exchange Online Protection.

To understand how EOP works, click this link:


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