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Kirk is a Security Consultant at Interlink Cloud Advisors.

Kirk Terrell

Interlink’s Security Managed Services Allows Your Team to Focus on What They Do Best


We are seeing active hacker attacks every single day on our clients. According to the latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, phishing attack emails increased 250% between January and December of 2018 - emails which use malicious links and attachments to infect an organization. Have you been a victim? Would you know if you were? Most of the successful attacks are due to insufficient security tools, monitoring, and lack of training. None of our clients are in the IT or security monitoring business. Their internal team may be experts at IT for their organization, but likely lack the background and training in security management. A managed security services contract can help save your business time and money – and let you focus on what you do best.

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Kirk Terrell

Microsoft’s BlueKeep Bug - Are You at Risk?


Microsoft’s BlueKeep Bug Isn’t Getting Patched Quickly Enough

A serious bug is tearing its way through millions of PCs – known as BlueKeep, the bug is being compared to the famous WannaCry attack in 2017. BlueKeep is a hackable vulnerability in Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) that affects Windows 7 and earlier as well as older versions of Windows Server. It’s been a few weeks since Microsoft warned users about this crucial vulnerability in the common Windows protocol, and although the headlines may be fading, the bug is still lingering in at least 900,000 computers – who are getting Microsoft’s patch at a sluggish pace.

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Kirk Terrell

Office 365 Cloud App Security: Get Security Visibility in the Cloud


All the Cloud Controls You Have Been Waiting For

When company credentials have been compromised, all corporate data is instantly at risk. Hackers only need one victim to begin to access an entire organization – do you have a plan in place to prepare, detect or stop the threat before it’s too late?

Account compromise and credential harvesting attacks are occurring at alarming rates. In the event of a successful account compromise, time is crucial and the ability to respond quickly can significantly decrease the damage to your organization. Incident response teams should have a clear understanding of the steps involved in remediating unauthorized access events.  These steps should be clear and concise to avoid confusion and delayed containment. Microsoft helps with these steps by providing one single tool that covers many of the core incident response tasks.

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