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Tony Maddin is a consultant at Interlink with expertise in systems administration, application integrations, automation, business analysis, project management, governance, speaker, and trainer with more than twenty years of IT experience in the Microsoft ecosystem.  

Tony Maddin

Play Your Emails in Outlook for iOS


Utilize Cortana, your AI personal productivity assistant, to catch up on what’s new in your inbox.

Cortana will play aloud your inbox while you are on the go, so you have more time to be productive in your day!


Recently, Microsoft Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making many strides in innovation for companies and individuals. They have asked themselves, “How can we help people change the world for good?” Microsoft 365 is leading the charge to put people at the center and use intelligent, personalized experiences to transform productivity.

What is Play My Emails in Outlook for iOS?

Microsoft has introduced Play My Emails in Outlook for iOS, with Android following later, to read aloud out of your emails using natural language with Cortana. The user interface is specifically designed for people on the move, to help users stay organized, and be productive wherever you are. You can use one finger or voice commands to swipe to the next message, or act on a message – making this app easy to use whether it is on a commute or as you get ready in the morning!

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Tony Maddin

Start Planning for Governance in Teams: Top 5 Factors to Consider


Microsoft has officially announced that Skype is going away in July 2021, so migrating to Teams will be a top priority! With that in mind – Teams Governance is your first step to properly planning your Teams Migration.

If you haven’t heard – Microsoft is officially retiring Skype for Business Online on July 31st, 2021…and that date will be here before you know it! With this service moving away, that means Microsoft Teams will become Microsoft’s primary communication platform. From now on until 07.31.21, Microsoft is focusing on adding new features only to Teams. If your organization has been putting off the migration to Teams, now is the time to get serious.

The first step for a successful migration is to make sure your business has a migration strategy. Taking the time to plan for this transition to Teams will be a huge factor in the success of your migration. Microsoft Teams is a transformational tool, so it will be important to spend some time thinking about how you should configure various security, compliance, and governance settings across the platform.

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Tony Maddin

Leveraging Your Microsoft Investments


Presentation and Panelist Discussion on Tips for Getting True Adoption by End Users

We would bet that Microsoft makes up one of the largest spends of your IT budget – but are you making the most of it? Microsoft Teams, collaboration, adoption and change management are all hot topics right now. Why? Because they are all revolutionizing the way companies work, communicate and drive productivity. Office 365 solutions, like Teams, enable your employees to achieve business outcomes – cost savings, time savings, simplifying and automating processes. However, these outcomes can only be achieved if end-users adopt and want to use the new technology…and use it as intended. People often resist change and those resistors can prevent success, but most often people resist technology when they don’t know how or when to use it. So, what are the best ways to drive successful adoption in your organization?

Check out the video below documenting an event with Interlink and one of our clients, G&J Pepsi, as we dive into Teams, Office 365 and Adoption – sharing tips on how to make the most of your Microsoft Investments.

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