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Matt Scherocman

The Best Apps for Staying Productive While Traveling

The Best Apps for Staying Productive While Traveling

We are a technology company that works with clients all over the Midwest, including Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Michigan. Travel is a natural part of our business flow; therefore, we have adopted some proven applications and services that help us stay productive and less stressed while on the road and in the air.

Stay Productive Everywhere

Office 365 + Skype for Business Phone System

It’s no secret that we’re big advocates of Office 365, but we’re also Office 365 users, and it’s the main reason our team can stay productive when they’re outside of the office (whether it’s traveling, working from home, or accessing information from a client site). Having access to our emails, files and Office programs in the cloud allows us access to anything we need from any device, as long as it’s connected to the internet.

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Matt Scherocman

Microsoft Flow: Create and Manage Automated Workflows Between Your Apps and Services

Microsoft Flow: Create and Manage Automated Workflows Between Your Apps and Services

Microsoft turns the growing SaaS landscape into opportunity with Microsoft Flow - a free, simple to use way to connect the apps and services organizations rely on the most. This new automation tool extracts the full value of an organization’s applications and services by connecting them with the routine tasks and processes they use. The result is a fully automated and completely customizable workflow that runs in the background.

Microsoft Flow offers an automated workflow solution in just a few steps. With new additions every week, Microsoft Flow currently connects to over 30 applications and services, including Salesforce, Dropbox, and Google.  Microsoft continues to expand this list regularly.

Microsoft Flow Offers Easy Integration for Simple and Complex Tasks

In just a few clicks, Microsoft Flow can integrate applications and services with nearly any user defined task. And, Microsoft offers over 100 prebuilt Flow templates to get an automated workflow up and running fast. Building more complex automated workflows is just as simple with Microsoft’s easy to use visual Flow editor. Users identify the tasks and processes they wish to automate, connect to the required services and applications, and Microsoft Flow does the rest.

Here are some examples: 

  • Create Wunderlist tasks for important emails
  • Save Tweets that include a specific hashtag to a SharePoint list for review
  • Get daily reminders in email
  • Automatically translate foreign language emails
  • Copy events from a Google calendar to a 365 calendar

This new automation tool is free and open to anyone with work, school, or personal Microsoft accounts. Sign up today to automate your workflow and accomplish more in the same amount of time.  

Build a Flow today.  

Interlink can help you determine which scenarios would make the most sense for your situation. 
Please contact us today for assistance! 


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Matt Scherocman

FindTime: Scheduling a Meeting Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

FindTime: Scheduling a Meeting Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

FindTime for Office 365 Makes Scheduling a Meeting Easy

Scheduling across multiple organizations can be a difficult process. A one-hour meeting with seven people from two different companies can take weeks to schedule. For the meeting organizer, planning a meeting between multiple third party representatives is a tiresome game of phone and email tag. For the attendees, it’s equally as frustrating. Just as soon as the business calendar is being updated, an email storms the inbox, stating that someone forgot to check a calendar and a new meeting time is needed.

Those who have gone through this process frequently find themselves saying, “There has to be a better way to schedule these meetings.”

Scheduling FOR the People

With the addition of Microsoft’s FindTime to the Office 365 suite, a better way to schedule meetings across organizations exists. FindTime is a free Outlook add-in that gives meeting organizers and attendees the flexibility to schedule a time that works for everyone. FindTime reduces the amount of phone calls and email clutter that piles up during the scheduling process.

How does FindTime work?

replay findtime meeting pollFindTime is a plugin for Outlook with Office 365.
You can either start a new message or reply with a meeting poll.
Next, it automatically looks at your calendar and the calendars of people in your organization, and show times when all invitees are available. 
The coolest part is...the application emails the “poll” to the other parties and lets them select the times they are available, along with the ones that they prefer the most.


FindTime is a welcomed tool for sales teams, product managers, business developers, and any other business units that require meetings with other organizations. 

To use FindTime, the organizing party must have an active Office 365 subscription and be using Outlook. However, attendees don’t need an Office 365 subscription and they don't have to be using Outlook. FindTime transforms multiple party scheduling by seamlessly working across different email service providers, devices, and organizational sizes and structures.

With FindTime, organizers and attendees can focus their time and resources on how to make meetings productive, not how to make them happen.

findtime install for free


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Matt Scherocman

Microsoft Stream – The Future of Workplace Video

Microsoft Stream – The Future of Workplace Video

Video is one of the most powerful forms of media. It gives you the opportunity to convey meaningful messages, tell a story, and connect with others in ways that cannot be done otherwise. Video is a media outlet that is heavily engrained in our personal lives, and as it continues to grow, we should use it to make an impact in the workplace. This is the goal of the new Microsoft Stream business video service - to bring the power of video into the workplace and give organizations access to its many benefits.

With the preview launch of Microsoft Stream, we wanted to share some of the features that make it an easy, collaborative, and social experience for users:

  • Ease of upload and organization: With easy drag and drop capabilities you can quickly upload your videos and organize them how you see fit
  • Discover relevant content: With content discovery powered by machine learning you can find content through “trending” videos and searches by hashtag, most liked videos and other terms
  • Watch anywhere on any device: With Stream being optimized for mobile usage you can take this content on the go with you, whenever and wherever you are.
  • Secure video management: Backed by the powerful Azure Active Directory, manage who can view your content within your organization
  • Engage with content: Make video social with the ability to share via email, like your favorites, and more.

Those who are using Microsoft Office 365 may already be utilizing the existing Office 365 Video platform. As Stream builds upon the feedback and success of Office 365 Video, these two platforms will converge making Stream the de facto video experience within Office 365. While Stream is still being developed, there will be no changes made to the current Office 365 Video experience.

As Microsoft continues to build upon the Stream platform, they are looking to develop something that makes video an extraordinary experieince within the workplace. As the platform continues to evolve, it will include some of the following ideas:

  • Deliver corporate broadcast seamlessly: This will allow organizations a better way to communicate and connect through live video with Stream becoming the hub for both live and video on demand.
  • Intelligent video search: No longer do you have to skip around the video looking for content, with intelligent video search you can search within the video. Leveraging capabilities such as audio transcription and face detection, Stream allows for a deep searching making relevant content easier to find and faster.
  • Make video part of your business apps and workflows: Building on the Office 365 platform Stream is able to integrate with other apps such as Microsoft Flow, SharePoint, and many others.
  • IT management capabilities: Being able to manage the content your organization shares is a big deal so Stream allows for IT to manage permissions throughout Stream. From removing and monitoring content to granting access to channels, IT has the tools to ensure the best experience for its organization.
  • Microsoft Stream App Ecosystem: Instead of locking down the API Microsoft will be opening it up to allow partners to create custom applications and make them available in AppSource, Microsoft’s marketplace for business applications that was announced earlier this month. 

We're looking forward to the exciting new features coming to video with Microsoft Stream and hope you are too. For more information about Microsoft Stream and how to get started managing videos within your organization, please visit the Microsoft Stream webpage.

Contact Interlink for more information.

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Matt Scherocman

Introducing Groups in Office 365

Introducing Groups in Office 365

Sharing and collaborating just got easier! Want a quick way to grab some co-workers and get productive on a project? Need to share documents on the fly without having to setup a SharePoint site?

With the introduction of Groups, working in Office 365 can bring people together to connect with colleagues and work on projects. You can search for and join existing Groups, which are open by default, to see all discussions, milestones and files and get up to speed quickly.  You can create private Groups as well for sensitive projects and content. Each group gets their own OneDrive for file sharing and their own group email box.


Where can you find Groups?

Groups is a feature that is available in Outlook Web App email and calendar and OneDrive for Business, and will be rolled out to all customers that have an Exchange Online or Office 365 commercial subscription, both new and existing.


Group management is provided in Office 365. It is straightforward to create and manage, Groups can be optimized without learning to use a separate security management website. Public Groups support an open permission model, which allows you to add yourself as a member to any public Group, making it easy to access information. Private Groups provide data privacy while still allowing for prospective members to request access to the Group.

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Welcome to the Interlink Cloud Blog

All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no representations or warranties regarding the information from our partners or other external sources.