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Matt Scherocman

No Frustration Conference Room Management

No Frustration Conference Room Management

Looking for a more streamlined way to manage conference rooms, as well as make them productive versus just empty spaces? Robins’ presence-sensing software for conference room management utilizes commodity tablets and beacons to increase the efficiency of booking and using conference rooms. The software running on the tablet has a number of features including the ability to see schedules of other rooms in the organization, how many people the space can accommodate, and even a picture of the equipment inside it. 

Collaboration without frustration.

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Matt Scherocman

Microsoft Sway for iPhone is now available

Sway for iPhone Rolls Out to New Markets

Sway is an application that focuses on productivity in a mobile and cloud-oriented world. The app assists with pulling together content, formatting, and then sharing it via various media channels and social networks. Microsoft has expanded its rollout of Sway to many countries where English is an official language. A full list of countries where Sway is available can be found at the bottom of the Sway for iPhone blog from January 8, 2015.

What is Sway?

Sway is a single interface application that provides users with access to all of their social networks and media channels at once. The app lets users create, format, and publish content, including links, images, and videos. Users can create and share their ideas with anyone via the Sway app, and can pull content from anywhere. Sway is integrated with social networks and the internet, as well as OneDrive and the device that it is used on, allowing users to gather information effortlessly when creating a post, often referred to as a “sway”.

Sway for iPhone

What is the VALUE of Sway?

Sway can be used in a multitude of ways.  It is great for personal use if you want to make a highlight of a vacation that you took and send it to a friend.  Maybe you are helping to plan a wedding and you want to send a variety of themed ideas to the bride.  Sway has a very real business application as well.  If you are putting together a business presentation for a potential client, a Sway can be built to include videos, images and relevant websites.  Maybe you are planning executive travel and you want to put together an interactive itinerary for your boss.  Sway is great for sparking ideas, business collaboration and knowledge updates, all from the device you like to use, in the place that you like to use it. 

The Mobile Authoring Experience

Users can log into Sway for iPhone with the same user account information they use on the web, synchronizing Sway across all devices. Sway lets users create content that is polished and interactive to share with others, and has an adjustable interface for viewing on any device. Users can combine text and pictures into a layout creator that will finalize the Sway’s appearance, and can modify existing Sways from their iPhone.

Voice-to-text capabilities are accessible on this application, making it even easier to add content on the go. Sway has instant links to share through social media or email, and can be viewed by anyone without additional software needs. The interface also makes it easy to change the layout and formatting features with a “Mood” button, automatically adapting the content to a layout the user desires. Click-and-drag features make changes and adjustments easy, and Sways can be created and modified offline. The application will sync changes once the internet connection is restored.

Global Rollout is the Goal

Microsoft is slowly rolling out Sway for iPhone to English-speaking users in an attempt to perfect the application before it releases a global edition. The goal is to bring in more users to improve the application experience in as many ways as possible before a complete rollout to all iPhone users. Check out more insight and previews at the Office Blog


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Sarah Bunt

How does Office Delve boost workgroup productivity?

Microsoft Office Delve accomplishes this by making it easy to identify files that you need to work, even when you can’t locate or describe them.

Microsoft Office Delve, a new information discovery and content management applicationmonitors content and tailors information discovery to each person’s content and work habits. Delve is based on Office Graph technology. This technology uses machine learning to track the links between people, content, and activities across Office 365 applications. The relationship maps that Graph creates pushes use patterns to news feeds personalized for each user.

Delve measures the relevance of each file that workgroup members create, change, and share. The more relevant a content is to your work—and the more closely you work with others to create and share it—the more relevant the file is to you. When you look for files, the most relevant ones appear on the search list.


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Matt Scherocman

Simultaneous Editing in Office 365

Simultaneous Editing in Office 365

With simultaneous editing in Office 365 your employees can save time by working together on the same document and can easily bounce ideas off of each other. In the past, employees would have to email the file and keep updating it as they made changes. Now they can make all the changes on the same document avoiding countless emails back and forth. This synthesizes all the work onto the same document, so there is no longer multiple versions of the same document.

For example, your team can work in Web Apps for a collaborative working meeting to get a shared project done. If someone on your team isn't available that teammate can chose to make revisions whenever he's able to. His changes will sync up to the document stored in the cloud when he saves. Even if he is offline, his changes will sync back up to the cloud when he gets back online. What are you waiting for? Start collaborating now!

Simultaneous Editing

All Functionality Requires SharePoint Online as the document management system.

To read more about co-authoring click here for the full article. 

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Eric McKinney

Microsoft Office for IPad now available!

March 27th Microsoft officially released the long anticipated Microsoft Office for IPad. Found in the Apple App store under three separate apps:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint for IPad
  • Microsoft Word for IPad
  • Microsoft Excel for IPad




Available for any user as a view only offering, subscribers of the following Office 365 plans can edit files.

  • Microsoft Home
  • Office 365 Small Business Premium
  • Office 365 Midsize Business
  • Office 365 E3 and E4 (Enterprise and Government)
  • Office 365 Education A3 and A4
  • Office 365 ProPlus,
  • Office 365 University
  • Office 365 Personal – Available Spring 2014.

One thing to note:

When you're trying to connect the Office apps to an existing Office 365 account, don't use the option from the 'Buy Office 365' screen that asks if you want to use an existing account. This option only works if you're using the same mail address for Office 365 and the iTunes store. If you're using a separate Office 365 account, first open an Office app as a free file viewer and then choose the Activate option. This is where you can enter Office 365 account details to activate the apps. Once you've activated one app, the rest are automatically activated and ready to go.

The apps offer services to tie in; SharePoint, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business ease of access to both personal and business files while on the go!




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Welcome to the Interlink Cloud Blog

All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no representations or warranties regarding the information from our partners or other external sources.