Presentation and Panelist Discussion on Tips for Getting True Adoption by End Users

We would bet that Microsoft makes up one of the largest spends of your IT budget – but are you making the most of it? Microsoft Teams, collaboration, adoption and change management are all hot topics right now. Why? Because they are all revolutionizing the way companies work, communicate and drive productivity. Office 365 solutions, like Teams, enable your employees to achieve business outcomes – cost savings, time savings, simplifying and automating processes. However, these outcomes can only be achieved if end-users adopt and want to use the new technology…and use it as intended. People often resist change and those resistors can prevent success, but most often people resist technology when they don’t know how or when to use it. So, what are the best ways to drive successful adoption in your organization?

Check out the video below documenting an event with Interlink and one of our clients, G&J Pepsi, as we dive into Teams, Office 365 and Adoption – sharing tips on how to make the most of your Microsoft Investments.

video leveraging microsoft investments

In this discussion, learn more about:


Event: Breakfast Bytes: Leveraging Your Microsoft Investment put on by The Circuit

Presenter: Matt Scherocman: President of Interlink Cloud Advisors

Live Teams Demo: Eric McKinney: Enterprise Business Systems Manager of G&J Pepsi

User Adoption Discussion Panelists: Matt Scherocman: President of Interlink Cloud Advisors, Mike Wilson: Chief Technical Officer of Interlink Cloud Advisors, Mike Foltz: Project Manager of Interlink Cloud Advisors & Eric McKinney: Enterprise Business Systems Manager of G&J Pepsi

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