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3 Ways, 6 Steps, 5 Deliverables to help you determine how the cloud can benefit your company.

Is your business ready for the cloud? What is your real return on investment? Are there hidden roadblocks?

The CloudLink 365 Assessment will help you find out. Pioneered by Interlink Cloud Advisors, this assessment is designed to help organizations understand and take advantage of the cloud.

CloudLink 365 combines industry best practices and years of expertise to review your company 3 ways, using 6 steps to produce 5 deliverables, which help you understand how the cloud can benefit your company. Best of all, you may qualify for the CloudLink 365 Assessment free of charge thanks to incentives provided by Microsoft.

Microsoft Office 365 Readiness tools


CloudLink 365    3  Ways That We Look at Your Organization 

1. Business Goals - Will the cloud keep your users up and running and add productivity? Can it help you reach new customers? Will it streamline your sales process?

2. Financial Goals - Will the cloud help lower your capital investment costs? Will it reduce operational costs? What does your return on investment look like?

3. Technology Goals - Will the cloud integrate with your other systems? Will you outgrow it? Can your team support it?


cloud365-assessment    6 Steps in Our Assessment Process 

These tools help determine if your infrastructure is ready for a migration to the cloud.

1. Microsoft's Office 365 Readiness Tools - These tools help determine if your infrastructure is ready for a migration to the cloud.

2. Business Cloud Assessment - Does a move to the cloud make sense for your business or should you stay on-premise? We will engage in discussion, evaluate your situation and work with you to decide if your organization is ready for the cloud and can support it long term.

3. Licensing Assessment - Do you qualify for programs that would provide a discount to your organization? How does a cloud migration impact your current licensing strategies?

4. Financial Assessment - What costs would be eliminated with a move to the cloud? What costs would be added?

5. End User Assessment - Every user is different. We review the different types of users in your environment and pair them with the best possible cloud solution.

6. Real World Assessment - Are there unique situations that would prevent your success in the cloud? We use our deep experience to ask the not-so-obvious questions.


sheet-office-365 5  Deliverables 

1. Cloud Readiness Assessment - Results, analysis and commentary.

2. Business Readiness Assessment - Results, analysis and commentary.

3. Licensing Options - Licensing options that are possible, their costs, and the pros and cons of each.

4. Financial Return on Investment - In spreadsheet format to allow you to work through your own scenarios, including long term support and management.

5. Scope of Work - Steps and costing for a migration to the platform that is the best fit for your organization.