b'DATA PREVENTION LOSSMicrosoft 365 now includes data loss prevention as a core feature across the tenant. In past releases, companies had to configure each service individually or rely on costly third-party products. It is now possible to enforce data compliance as a Microsoft 365 global administrator without purchasing other tools, but it does require the Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 plans. If you want to enable DLP on a standalone service, it can be enabled with Exchange, SharePoint, or Teams licenses.DLP is managed by the administrator through DLP Policies in the Security & Compliance Center. There are out-of-the-box templates to detect common data types (SSN, credit card numbers, banking account numbers, etc.).You are also able to create your own custom policies for specific keywords or regular expressions on account numbers. Once a detection is made, you can customize the rules to take certain behaviors like encrypting that message and allowing it to be sent or blocking the message entirely. You will also be able to create Policy Tips, which will alert the user that they may be in violation of a policy before clicking the send button. With these new policies, it is quite easy to recognize a potential social security number, credit card number, or other common data. Microsoft has made the process of managing DLP much simpler for the average user by supplying pre-built templates that will conform to major compliance legislations. The list on the next page includes the following U.S. acts: 3'