b'DATA GOVERNANCE & COMPLIANCE MANAGEROnce data is classified appropriately, Microsoft 365 has many governance controls built into it including:AUTOMATE DATA RETENTION AND DELETIONOrganizations face explosive quantities of complex electronic data. Microsoft 365 Advanced Data Governance intelligently eases this data overload by using machine-assisted insights to help you discard ROTredundant, obsolete, or trivial content.READ MOREPROVIDE YOUR OWN ENCRYPTION KEYS FOR MICROSOFT 365 DATA AT RESTCustomer Key for Microsoft 365 lets you provide your own encryption keys and control when to revoke them to make your cloud data unreadable, which initiates data deletion.READ MORECONTROL ACCESS TO DATACustomer Lockbox for Microsoft 365 can help you meet compliance obligations for explicit data access authorization. In the rare case when a Microsoft service engineer needs access to your data, you are in control and can grant or deny access to it. Lockbox can be purchased as part of Microsoft 365 E5 or as a standalone addition.READ MOREMIGRATE ON-PREMISES AND NON-OFFICE 365 DATAThe data-import service for Microsoft 365 makes it easy to move on-premises email and files into Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business. Intelligent capabilities built into this solution let you filter data so you only import what you need into Microsoft 365. There is no cost for this service. Microsoft 365 Data Governance solutions use connectors from our partners to import from a wide array of data sources.READ MORESUPERVISE EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONSThe new Supervision feature in Microsoft 365 Advanced Data Governance gives compliance officers a practical way to comply with regulations. It lets you define policies for when and how to monitor employee communications and who can monitor them in email and messages in Facebook, Twitter, Bloomberg, and more.READ MORE7'