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With new and evolving security threats emerging each day and the distributed and mobile nature of today’s business environment, you need a secure, purpose-built platform and multiple layers of security - and a partner that understands how to maximize its potential. Interlink can help you protect your critical systems and data and quickly identify when a data breach occurs by leveraging the powerful technologies available in the Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite, Windows 10, Office 365, and Azure.


Enterprise Mobility + Security

EMS features identity-driven security technologies including multi-factor authentication to discover, control, and safeguard identities & data held by your organization; manage devices and detect when data breaches occur.

Office 365

Office 365 is a security-hardened service that leverages an in-depth-defense approach to provide best-in-class encryption, threat management, multi-factor authentication, and more.


Interlink has the skilled personnel, process knowledge, and Microsoft technology expertise to evaluate your GDPR readiness and help you on your path to become, and stay, compliant.

Azure Security Center

Azure Security Center enables you to monitor the state of your security across on-premises and cloud workloads and detect and respond swiftly to threats.

Windows 10

Windows 10 enterprise security features enable you to secure corporate data and manage risk through identity and access management, threat protection and information protection.

Office 365
Secure Score

Secure Score analyzes your Office 365 security based on your regular activities and security settings, compares them to a baseline established by Microsoft, and assigns a score based on how aligned you are with best security practices.

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Executive Guide to Compliance & Data Loss Prevention
Learn several major sections of the Security & Compliance Center in Office 365.

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